About Me & Programs I Work With

What I Offer - Skills & Software


I enjoy working with clients and being able to use my skills to enhance their business. Leaning about their business, goals and ideas. Learning and understanding your business will give me the knowledge to see what’s best for your company.


I take detailed notes at all my meetings and conversations. The details help me create estimates, invoices, website mockups and execute the project.

Team Player:

You are working directly with me. Not going through different departments or people to get the information/service you need. This is your business and I want to work with you.

Problem Solving:

There are always going to be obstacles to over come. I know many tools and resources that are available. If a third-party is needed to accomplish a task I will do my research and keep you informed.


I have been doing web design and development since 2011. This is something that I love doing and that I am truly passionate about. I’m always looking for ways to help companies grow and appeal to their target audience. I offer options that I believe will help improve what you already have.

Software Skills:

The main programs/software that I work with are WordPress, Photoshop and Illustrator. WordPress is a Content Management Systems (CMS) that make a website user friendly and easy for anyone to make changes to. Photoshop and Illustrator are great for creating and manipulating graphics.

Multimedia Design and Development

Bachelor of Science

I attended DeVry University at the Fort Washington, PA campus for my Bachelor of Science degree in Multimedia Design and Development.

It started with the basics; HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator and etc. Then progressing into Content Management Systems such as WordPress.
My class mates and I got to experience working as a team for a client during one of our classes. This got me very interested in the web design field. I had an internship from 2011-2015 with a successful web development company. I worked my way up from an intern to the top manager of the company. It then came to for me to resign and start my own business, Heather Web Design!

All the education from DeVry really helped set me up for my future. That along with working for a web development company and gaining experience. I further my education every day. Either by researching, trying new techniques, courses or certification.

Experience and Continuing Education

Work Experience - 7+ Years

When I worked with the web development company I got to experience everything that goes into a business and working with clients to achieve their goals and complete their projects. I started to notice things that I didn’t agree with. I though about it for a while and decided that if I started my own business I would be able to offer people the services that they need in a way that is ethical, more personal and affordable.

I continue to do research and stay educated with the growth in my web design and development field.

I received a Certificate for a Social Media Marketing and Administrative Assistant course that I took. This course refreshed my memory in some areas and introduced me to new ones. I will always continue to educate myself. I want to make sure that the knowledge I have is correct and will help my clients and protect the website(s) that they may already have.