Graphics are great for catching the eye and sharing information at the same time. These can be for personal or business use.

  • Logo: Something that is scalable and can be used for different marketing tools. Also eye catching so that it won’t be missed.
  • Graphics: Can be used for website rotator images, car/window decals, social media and etc.
  • Card & Flyers: Used for sharing information for personal or business. Such as information, upcoming events, invitations and etc.


Need a logo for Personal or Business use?

Do you have something in mind but need help creating a scalable and digital format?

I can design and create your logo in a digital format. I design in Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator allows the design to be clear and precise. All logos are scalable to fit different sizes and still be a clear format.

The Design Process

  1. I sketch three different logo options based off what you are looking for.
  2. I will send you a photo of the sketches and we will go over them and see if there are any revisions you would like to make to one of them.
  3. Once one is selected and the design is approved to move forward I will create the digital version.
  4. I will show you the digital logo and you can make one set of revisions (such as font or colors).
  5. Once the logo is finalized I will provide you with the files (AI, EPS and PNG).


There are many different things that graphics can be used for.

The most common is for images on the web. Such as website rotator images. When users view your website they are looking for something to catch there eye that is informative. Photos can do just that. Having an eye catching photo on your home page is key to enticing user to view more of your website.

Graphics are also great for creating logos, car/window decals and etc.

The Wolf Pack wanted a car decal so that each member of the group could have one.

Cards & Flyers

Looking for something eye catch and informative to give out for personal or business use.

Cards and flyers are great for sharing information. They can be created in many different forms and for many occasions. It could be for more information, upcoming event, invitations and etc.

Dig It Landscaping uses custom design cards to information their customer about caring for their new sod.