SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This allows users to find your website on search engines (example: google).

Example: When a user goes to google and types in keywords to something they are looking for different website links are populated. The ranking of the website links are based on their individual SEO ranking for the websites.

The ranking is based off many different items. SEO can also be very expensive if your trying to be top on the search engine list.

I can get you started on the items below to boost your SEO!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Website & Sitemap

You need an eye catching, current and updated website. It’s very important to have a firm base before putting all the work into the SEO. Once the website’s completed you will be able to submit your website sitemaps. A Sitemap is a list of the pages/posts that are on your website. This allows your website to be easily crawled by search engines.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service created by Google. Once it’s connected with your website and verified it tracks your websites views, clicks and etc. This is a great tool to have connected with your website and collect data.

SEO: Keywords, Descriptions and etc

Search Engine Optimization is when you add keywords, descriptions and etc. to your websites pages, posts and etc. The keywords and descriptions are what will appear in the search engine when your website populates. The keywords need to be relative and unique to the content. The description should also be relative to the content. That way user will know what the website is about before clicking on the link.

SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate is a data files that allows a secure connection from a web serve to a browser. This is commonly used and strongly recommend for E-Commerce website of any website that accepts credit cards. This is also becoming more information for website that transfer files/data and user logins.

Google has started ranking websites with an SSL Certificate higher. They want to start making the internet safer and are rewarding those with an SSL Certificate with a higher search engine ranking.

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Social Media

There any many social media platforms that can reach a high range of people all over the world with little funds required. Some of the most popular platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flicker, Google +, YouTube and etc.

There is so much that platforms have to offer if you know what your doing, who your target audience is and how you want to present yourself/company.

Unique & Updated Content

Search engines are always looking for website that are constantly updating/adding new unique content. This helps boost your website because it’s another page on your sitemap that the search engines can crawl. It’s more keywords and descriptions. It mainly shows search engines that your website is still active. Having a blog is the best way to accomplish this. A blog doesn’t have to be for your thoughts. It can be for new products that your releasing, new services and etc.

SEO Check List

Below are some basic items that will help get you started with boosting your website SEO.

  • Website & Sitemaps

  • Google Analytics

  • SEO: Keywords, Descriptions and etc.

  • SSL Certificate

  • Social Media

  • Unique & Updated Content

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