Starter Website Package

Starter Website Package2018-07-18T22:10:44+00:00

Would you like to get your Business or Blog online to reach a larger audience?

The best way to do that is to start with a website that your customers can find and access. There is not always a reason to spend thousands of dollars on a website if you just need the basic. You can always add to your website as your business grows. That’s what I love about WordPress. WordPress is a Content Management Systems that allows easy access to your website for making updates and changes.

All websites that I design and develop are responsive. They scale to fit desktops, tablets and mobile devices. If your going to have a website it should be able to be viewed clearly on all devices.

Below are details about what is included in the Starter Website Package!

FREE Consultation2018-07-18T22:07:02+00:00

We meet and discuss your business ideas and goals. I want to help you boost your online presence and reach a large audience. During the consultation we will discuss the details and see what you want and what is going to work best for your business/blog.

We can also go over the Website Add-Ons to see if there is anything that you want to add or think about adding in the future.


I recommend GoDaddy for website hosting, domains, domain privacy and SSL certificates. I use them for all new clients that don’t have a hosting provider yet. They offer excellent customer service, reasonable pricing, all the services I use regularly come with 30 days worth of website file and database backups (extremely important).

I will setup the following for 1 Year.

  • WordPress Basic Website Hosting
  • 1 Domain (example:
  • Privacy for that domain
  • SSL Certificate for that domain

*** Please Note ***
The above items do require yearly renewal to keep your website up and running. I can provide you an estimated price on about what it would cost per year so there are no surprises when renewal time comes.

Customize Your WordPress Theme2018-07-18T22:06:03+00:00

WordPress is a Content Management System that is very user friendly. WordPress is like the wireframe for the website. It needs a Theme to give it a layout, design, functions and etc. There are a lot of themes to pick from. During the Free Consultation we will go over what functions, style and layouts you are interested in. I will then search for 2-3 themes based on what we discussed. You choose one of those themes and I will adjust it to fit your needs. Adjust the Theme as in add your content, images, logo, features and accent colors.

Content and/or Blog2018-02-14T19:13:11+00:00

You get up to 10 pages/posts to start. Examples of pages are About, Services, Menu, Blog, Contact and etc. You will need to provide the content and images for these pages. I can assist with some items but you know your company better than I do.


You want your website to catch the views attention. Images are great to have on the homepage in a rotator and on other pages to breakup the content. You will need to provide images or we can discuss getting stock photos. You want good quality photos that are large in size. That will allow them to scale properly on all devices.

Rotator: I will setup a rotator with 4-6 rotating slides.

Images: I can add a couple images to each content page.

Social Media2018-07-18T22:02:08+00:00

Social Media Platforms are Free Tools that you can use to spread your business/blog. There are many options and some go with certain businesses better than others. I have found that having a Facebook and/or Instagram Feed on website is a great way to showing your viewers that you are active on social media and your business/blog.

If you have Facebook and/or Instagram I can setup the feeds on your website. Or there can be social media icons linking directly to your social media platforms.

Contact Form2018-07-18T21:59:14+00:00

It’s great to have your contact information on the website. Such as your phone number, location and email address. That way people can contact you directly. It’s also helpful to have a contact form on your website. Some people might be in a rush and just want to submit a short form and have you contact them.

Contact forms usually have the following fields.

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • Message
  • Anti-Spam Question (this lessens that amount of spammers and robots submitting forms)

When someone submits a contact form on your website it will be sent to the email address of your choosing. You get to see all the information they submitted and respond to them on your time.


Once the website is completed and approved I will test the website in all browsers and responsive views (desktop, table and mobile). I also test the contact form and special features to make sure everything is working properly.

Google Analytics2018-07-18T21:57:52+00:00

Google Analytics is a web analytics service created by Google. Once it’s connected with your website and verified it tracks your websites views, clicks and etc. This is a great tool to have to collect and compare website data.

I will setup and connect your google analytics account to your website.

Submit Sitemaps2018-07-18T21:57:03+00:00

Once the website is complete I will create and submit your websites sitemaps. Sitemaps are a structured list of all the pages that are on your website. They are submitted to search engines such as Google, Bing and etc. for crawling. The search engines crawl your websites sitemaps to see what the pages are, what content they have and if any changes or new pages are added. This is something that I do for all my website to get them ready for future Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Starter Website Package

  • Includes The Following

Website Add-Ons

  • Additional Features Below

Contact me Now to setup your FREE Consultation!

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