J&B Hatfield, PA

"Our website had been up and running for years. We were happy with it but after a while we knew it needed to be updated. Because we were working hard on other aspects of building our business we never seemed to find the time to work on the website. And when we did attempt to upload pictures or change text it took precious hours away from other things we were good at doing. So the improvements didn’t get done and the website was neglected.

Neglected that is, until we met and hired Heather. What previously had taken us hours to attempt she accomplished in minutes. Not only is she superbly capable and knowledgeable, she is a good listener, kind, gentle, and a joy to work with. She spoke with vendors for us and did the “heavy lifting” of site preparation and business email set up.

We would highly recommend Heather for any website creation or improvement. She is trustworthy and honest. She is flexible and able to work around busy schedules. She delivers what she promises. Do yourself and your business a favor and hire Heather. You will not regret it."

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