Looking for a New Website or Re-Design to your Current Website!

I design and develop websites with WordPress (CMS). WordPress is a very user friendly framework that allows for easy changes and updates. There are a LOT of design and function features that can really allow for a custom site to fit your needs.


My Goal is to help you achieve your Goals!

You want to reach a larger audience.

You just need a simple website with basic information.

You want to share your thoughts through a blog.

No matter what your reason is you have a goal that you want to achieve. I want to work with you on achieve your goals. I can be overwhelming trying to do everything. If your looking for someone to be honest with you and help guide you through the process then your in the right place.

The Process

I want to learn about your personal or business needs for the website. We meet and discuss your goals and ideas. Going over what you want for your website and what you don’t want. Features that you want your website to have. Such as a photo gallery, e-commerce (online shop), calendar, contact form, videos, social media and etc.

I create a custom estimate based on the items that we discussed during our meeting. The estimate will consist of details about the project, features that will be utilized, items needed, software, pricing breakdown and terms & conditions.

We setup a time to go through the estimate together. Either over the phone or in person. I will answer any questions you may have. Once the estimate is approved, signed and the first payment is made I begin the Design & Development Phase.

I select a few themes that will fit your needs. We will setup a time to discuss the themes. Once a theme is approved then I move forward with development. Setting up the hosting, development domain, WordPress and theme.

I setup the features, functions, import content and images, special features/plugins and etc.

I will provide you with the development url so you can view the website. We will discuss any final changes. Once the website is approved I will test the website in all browsers and responsive views. I also test forms and special features to make sure everything is working properly.

Transfer and connect files/domains to the hosting provider making the website visible to everyone! I go over the website and do some final testing to make sure that everything looks good and is working properly.

Training is optional and is discussed during your Free Consultation.

Learn more about Training Options

On-Going Maintenance is VERY Important. Websites need updating regularly for security reasons. Their are new updates released all the time for WordPress, themes and plugins. If updates are ignored that can allow bugs and hackers to enter your website.

Learn more about Maintenance

Get Started Check List

Below are items that you will most likely need for your website. If the following items are ready to go before the start of the project that will quicken the project completion time.

  • Content (for pages/posts)

  • Images (rotator, photo gallery & pages/posts)

  • Styles & Ideas of what you want in your website

  • Styles that your Do Not like

  • Special Features that you want